Objectives of The Glencoe Trust Limited


Our charitable status

The Glencoe Trust Limited

Registered in Scotland SC232047 
Registered Charity Number SC033180

The objects for which the Company is established are:

1. to provide recreational facilities and to organise recreational activities for persons attending activity-based holidays and courses at Glencoe Outdoor Centre and at other locations within Scotland.

2. to advance education, including the development of character, personal growth and appreciation for the environment, by providing (a) outdoor education and activity-based holidays and courses at Glencoe Outdoor Centre and at other locations within Scotland; (b) outdoor education on a non-residential basis; (c) religious and moral education. 

3. to advance health, including mental health and wellbeing, through (a) the provision Of physical activities in the open air; (b) operating Glencoe Outdoor Centre, which is located in a place of outstanding natural beauty where guests can relax away from their usual environment and find peace. 

4. to relieve poverty through the provision of bursaries to enable persons who would otherwise be financially unable to participate in the activities, holidays and courses provided by the company pursuant to objects (1) to (3) to do so. 

5. to advance the Christian faith through (a) the life and work of the intentional community based at Glencoe Outdoor Centre and their engagement with the locality; (b) the provision of Christian teaching. 

6. to do such other things as may be ancillary to the provisions of objects (1) to (5) and in furtherance thereof.


Outdoor Learning Residentials for schools
We partner with schools toward the goal of attainment within Curriculum for Excellence. Our programmes are characterised by its design principles and the capacities are incorporated into each activity and the overall residential experience.

Outdoor Education Training
We run a Modern Apprenticeship scheme for aspiring instructors.


Bursaries As a charity we raise funds that enable us to offer bursaries to those for whom the cost of participation is out of reach and to assist with the Scottish Attainment Challenge. Details on request.


Glencoe Outdoor Centre - founded 1977. Under current management since 1988.